Exeter 2012 and Percy Bear – Classical Association Annual Conference 2013 at Reading

Post No 3 – Classical Association Annual Conference 2013 at Reading
Exeter 2012 and Percy Bear – Remembering the last conference

Throughout this week we will bring you something about Classical Association’s annual conference, at 9AM sharp until Sunday. Today, we bring you back to the last conference in Exeter. We remember the conference before providing links for the memories of other attendees (scroll to bottom).

Remember CA 2012 at Isca? The logo of Isca the Otter, the long trek from the train station to the campus. How about the bar overlooking the Exe Valley or the breakfast overlooking the valley. Did you see TP Wiseman and Ann Wiseman on the dance floor? More academically, perhaps you attended the paper on Hercules or the one on Callirhoe, or Peter Stothard’s journey in Classics or Kathleen Coleman’s spectacle of a speech.

Yet for a lot of people, two things. CA2012 is remembered for the year that Percy the Bear came to the fore. It is also the conference where Twitter came to its own, with commentary not only by @Classical_Assoc (the CA account) and @CAIsca2012 (the official account for the conference), but by other attendees. The two accounts of Association and conference kept attendees informed through the Wi-Fiphere, answering Twitter questions, posting last-minute changes, reporting news and firing quips. It also published an interesting amount of photos of Percy the Bear Image having his own journey around the conference. The long Twitter commentary of Professor Chris Carey’s lecture on Sports and Competition in Greece was given throughout by @CAIsca2012 as being given by Percy!

Tuitori worked very hard in the conference to report to the world the progress of #CA2012, including @lizgloyn, @cressidaryan, @csrn_UK, @DRLisaTrentin, @BobCesca and @TonyKeen46 (a slight gender imbalance, I can see). Some panels were covered in details and certainly all plenary lectures were.

Also working very hard were the student helpers, who worked very hard to make the conference experience a smooth one (as most attendees expressed). The helpers directed attendees through the pretty campus, facilitated the presentations, managed excursions and many other duties. The green shirts (which is another innovation in Exeter) was much valued.

Beyond the academic talks (there have been too many for us to mention all, or some as it will be unfair to pick some seminars out), other events lightened attendees’ mood. Lindsay Davis spoke about her books (she is not planning to write in a Greek context!); a farmers market introduced the delights of Westcountry to the attendees; a tea-party themed conference dinner was much enjoyed.

We thought the CA conference at Exeter was very enjoyable and well organised. What is your memory of the conference of Exeter? Did you enjoy it? What panels did you go to? Why not let us know by commenting?

Some other links to remind you of the Classical Association conference last year:

@Classical_Assoc’s Twitter summary: http://storify.com/Classical_Assoc/ca-conference-exeter-2012?awesm=sfy.co_oUR&utm_campaign=&utm_medium=sfy.co-twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_content=storify-pingback

Liz Gloyn’s blog: http://lizgloyn.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/the-classical-association-meeting-2012-exeter/

Classical Association’s blog: http://classicalassociation.org/Blog/?p=277

@CAIsca2012’s Twitter account: https://twitter.com/CAIsca2012

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