Planning panels – Classical Association Annual Conference 2013 at Reading

Post No 4 – Classical Association Annual Conference 2013 at Reading
Planning panels

Throughout this week we are bringing you information on Classical Association’s annual conference, at 9AM sharp until Sunday. Today, we help you plan your way around the panels of this year’s conference.


In every CA conference, the panels take up the bulk of the timetable. Typically three or four presentations with a common theme are collected together to form a single panel, which is managed by a chair. Presentations are 20 minutes each, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers. There is some flexibility in terms of planning which panels to go, as it is possible to move between rooms from one panel to another (so for example if you prefer the first speaker in panel A but the second speaker in panel B, you may move to panel B after the first speaker has spoken).

In this year’s conference at Reading there is a good amount of panels on late antiquity, religion and ethics and ancient Greek literature. This is supplemented by panels on teaching Classics, Greek novels and Classical reception – a constant in CA conferences. Some panels have caught our eyes to be particularly novel (though the content cannot be vouched for), such as “Rejecting the Classics” (panels 1), “Neo Latin: Reception and innovation”, “Mikis Theodorakis: The ancient ideal in contemporary Greek music” (both panels 3), panels on “Classics and children literature” (panels 4 and 6), “Pindar” and “Nonnus of Panoplis” (panels 5) and “The Ancient Bibliocosm” (panels 7).


Of course we cannot speak for your taste, and therefore it is always best to refer to the conference programme and the abstratcs:

Planning Aid

What we have done, however, is produced a template for you to plan which panels to go to and note them down. You can download the Word documents, print it out and fill in the panels you would like to go. Another way is to fill them in digitally, then either print or convert it to a PDF file to save on your smartphones or tablets.

We have not produced one for Wednesday because there are no panels (it is handy to note that all events on Wednesday will be in the Town Hall).

Thursday: Panels Timetable Thursday

Friday: Panels Timetable Friday

Saturday: Panels Timetable Saturday

Happy planning!

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