9th CulturaClásica.com conference at Antequera


On 5-7Apr, the 9th annual conference of CulturaClásica.com met at the Andalusian town of Antequera. Although Classics Collective was at Reading for the Classical Association conference at the time, we caught up with the conference and produced this little report, with the help of Juan Aguilar’s Storify: http://storify.com/latinategua/anticaria-2013

CulturaClásica.com Association, similar to the Classical Association in the UK, aims “to inform and update by virtual means those interested in the Greco-Roman world and the continuing influence that it has in the society that we are part of.” The conference this year lasted from Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime in the Teatro Torcal theatre complex.

The plenary sessions on Friday treated delegates to a talk on the role of historic fiction for education, the digital reconstruction of  Baelo Claudia, Greek teaching and an education project in Spain called iter inter pares. The latter of which is an immersion course for Latin and Greek organised by Ana Ovando and Germán González and you can access more detail (in Spanish) here: https://sites.google.com/site/iterinterpares/. You can also know more about the presentation on Greek teaching entitled: “More antidepressants for the Greek crisis, from Athenazde to Dialogos” through the handout, (in Spanish) here: http://zh.scribd.com/doc/133435642/Antidepresivos-para-la-crisis-del-griego

The second day started with a presentation that must have strained and entertained delegates in equal measure. Gerardo Guzmán, who works at the Salesian University at Rome and the Accademia Vivarium Novum, began the day’s proceeding with the presentation: “Εξἠγησις: how to explain Greek authors in Greek”. In a method rather faithful to the title, Guzmán had some students on stage to help him present, nor did they speak a little amount of Greek. Sigirdes Albert (Saarlandes) then followed with a talk titled cottidie Latine loquimur.

What followed is a report of nuntii Torcalis (our name, not the conference’s!), as scholar-presenters broadcast a bulletin in Latin from the stage of Teatro Torcal (you can here it (in Latin) here: http://latunicadeneso.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/latin-xl-desde-radio-torcal-especial-ix-jornadas-de-cultura-clasica/). The conference then broke with an optional excursion to the Municipal Museum. On the final day there were two sets of panels with topics ranging from Classics teaching, mosaics, LOMCE (the education law which is as controversial as Gove’s reform), mythology and many other topics.

The conference had some lighter moments, such as the well-received performances of the Bacchae on Saturday night. The many bars around the conference also seemed to have done brisk business. Some tapas bars were even taking order in Latin, though some names of dishes were so long (e.g. hake croquette, or Massa mollis fragmentis aselli commixta, quae postea in sartagine frigitur) that one wonders whether any can be ordered after a few pints. Read more on Latin tapas (in Spanish) here: http://latunicadeneso.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/tapas-en-latin-en-antequera/

The general vibe on the Twittersphere was that it was a successful and fun conference and a meeting point for the enthusiasts of the Classical World. Compared to our CA conference, it seems less panel-focused and seems to prefer workshop over presentations in the panels. There’s also more of a focus on using Greek and Latin, while CA focuses on presenting and discussing academic work. In any case, seeing words such as “éxito” used to describe the conference, we can only congratulate the organisers for a successful conference.

We have rather refrained from putting photos on Twitter on this blog, but you can see some of Juan Aguilar’s here: http://pics.lockerz.com/u/20380068/photos

We would like to thank all those who twitted under the hashtag #Anticaria, since this report is mostly informed by the hashtag and by Juan Aguilar’s Storify (http://storify.com/latinategua/anticaria-2013). I think Juan deserves a special thanks for the compilation and for continually tweeting so we at Classics Collective know what is going on in Hispania!

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