1st #latinlangchat Europe time! Monday 20May, 2000BST – Value of learning Latin

#latinlangchat next Monday

The first #latinlangchat on Twitter at a suitable time for Europe-based Latinists and those interested in Latin teaching/learning will be held next Monday 20th May at 8pm British Summer Time.

In the first #latinlangchat the topic will be general and discuss about the motives and values of learning Latin.

The chat will begin at 8pm BST and I do not envisage us going beyond 9pm, but probably finishing earlier. There will be around four broad questions (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) to which participants can respond (A1, A2, A3, A4). I propose that I will act as the “chair” by regulating timing and all. If all chat tweets can use the hashtag #latinlangchat then we can keep a good thread of our conversation.

And it is supposed to be a conversation! So feel free to chat with other participants as well as provide your own answer to the questions.

You may find sites such as tweetchat.com useful for Twitter Chat. Throughout the week, when I find more time (impossible as that may be), I will update this blog post with more information and tool on the Twitter chat. Please do feel free to contribute too – I do not own this chat!

All are welcome. It may be useful to have previous participants of #latinlanchat s in US too, to direct the conversation! But whervever you are, if you are interested please do join us.

So, in short:

Chat at 8pm. I will facilitate chat and ask four questions on value of learning Latin. Anyone participating can feel free to chat to eachother! Please use hashtag at all times.

#latinlangchat in general

Inspired by the #latinlangchat Twitter chats across the Pond and driven by initial response of interest, we thought we would organise one! The timing for the #latinlangchats have typically been 1amBST as a result of the time difference. We saw some of the benefits of the chat, including knowing more about Latin-teaching colleagues and learners, their methods, motives, motivations, difficulties and such. You can still read all they have shared by simply searching the hashtag #latinlangchat on Google, where you will find Storify summaries of such chats and more general information.

Classics colleagues Moss Pike and Bart Natoli have worked very hard on a Classics presence on Twitter and online in general, and they have participated in #latinlangchat beforehand. I hope to get time to ask them for advice in due course, where and when my ongoing travels around Manchester and Liverpool permit me spare time. I must also stress that we are not reinventing the wheel, more a humble imitation.

More importantly, I do not hope to own the #latinlangchat Twitter chat, so do feel free to suggest to others on what worked and what didn’t, and perhaps what we should discuss next time.

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3 Responses to 1st #latinlangchat Europe time! Monday 20May, 2000BST – Value of learning Latin

  1. Mair says:

    Would really love to have been there. I am doing a phd in eLearning for Ancient Languages and I am particularly interested in why people want to learn Latin (or Ancient Greek) see blog post:
    goo.gl/dUwRO Unfortunately I am committed elsewhere at 8pm on Mondays (could do Tuesdays or Thursdays or Fridays). It would be great if you could storify the chat so I can read it later. I really wish you well with this – it is a great initiative.

  2. Moss Pike says:

    Fantastic! I’m very happy that enthusiasm is spreading, and I’ll look forward to jumping in a little bit on today’s discussion (Noon PST for us!).

  3. You can find a Storify of the chat here: http://storify.com/ClassColl/latinlangchat-europe-s-first-twitter-chat/

    Thanks to all those who took part!

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