Michael Scott – Ancient Greece. The Greatest Show on Earth


Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth

We asked Dr Michael Scott to recommend a selection of books that would accompany his latest BBC4 series.

Here is a selection from the list that Michael gave us.

All titles are available at Heffers!

ISBN: 9780521648578 - Greek Theatre PerformanceISBN: 9780521604314 - Performance Culture and Athenian DemocracyISBN: 9780521315791 - Reading Greek TragedyISBN: 9780199562329 - Why Athens?ISBN: 9780415062992 - Public and Performance in the Greek TheatreISBN: 9780521689427 - Greek Theatre in ContextISBN: 9780521542340 - The Cambridge Companion to Greek and Roman TheatreISBN: 9780415143592 - Theatre in Ancient Greek SocietyISBN: 9780521110167 - Roman Republican TheatreISBN: 9780275934200 - Menander and the Making of ComedyISBN: 9780788501401 - Beyond AristophanesISBN: 9781853991141 - Aristophanes and His Theatre of the AbsurdISBN: 9780199277476 - The Greek Theatre and FestivalsISBN: 9780199271375 - Greek Literature and the Roman Empire

To keep up to date with Michael’s projects and books then please visit his website, michaelscottweb.com

Don’t forget to watch the final episode on Tuesday 10th September at 9pm BBC4

Michael’s next book ‘Delphi. Centre of the Ancient World’ is due in April next year and is published by Princeton University Press.

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