Happy Birthday to me… 1 year on

Allow us to indulge in some introspection but… we are one year old!

Which is not really that old. Rogueclassicism blog celebrated it’s tenth year anniversary last week (http://rogueclassicism.com/2013/09/02/dieci-anni-fa-rogueclassicism-is-born/) and I hope that we will be forever trying to catch up with the Rogue Classicist and failing.

We were borne out of a desire to collect Classicist news and posts in one Twitter account. Since then we have created a Facebook, Google+ and Scoop.it presence and I hope a Pinterest one is on the way. We also have this WordPress page where we can speak to you directly, writing occasional blogs and recently beginning our weekly “Sunday Sol Day” round-up and comments every Sunday.

In the past year our highlight has most definitely been the Classical Association conference at Reading. When I have time I very much hope to do more to promote use of social media, particularly Twitter, in conferences and live interactions.

We also hope to maintain the current level of news provision, though you will appreciate that the length of the current post is dictated that when I absolutely have to leave the door for work.

We are only the messenger, and we mostly report other people’s work. So without other people’s writing we cannot continue. Nor can we continue if others don’t make our job easier by posting links, articles and matters of interests on Twitter, Facebook and on the Liverpool ListServ list. So let us thank you.

And here’s to another year, and more, of the Classics Collective!

Classics Collective (Tw and Fb)

P.S. You will notice we have changed the layout of this blog. If anyone has a suggestion for a new logo too, let us know!

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