Sunday Sol Day – 15Sep-2013 – What’s Latin?

It’s not been a week for big news but there’s a few items for those with an interest in Classics teaching. We’re also sad that Michael Scott’s TV series “Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth” is over – we’re already looking forward to the next Classics series on TV.

As we write this as we prepare to hop over to Oxford to visit the East Oxford Community Classics Centre and we hope to report our experience at some point.

Remember, Sunday brings you a round-up of last weeks news, Sol Day brings you our inconsequential thoughts, every Sunday at 9:30am.


Please support Lee Baker’s Campaign to Re-Introduce Classics Teacher Training To Scotland. Here’s an update on the campaign. Classics Library: 

Latin and Greek will be compulsory in the Baccalaureate in Spain. (Article in Spanish) <La Razón>  

Classics in Communities has its inaugural conference in Oxfors on 30Nov. Classics in Communities: 

Dr Armand D’Angour has been making political comparison between the Romans and Us in a series of video with Blackwell Bookshops. YouTube:

Ancient sportsmen took doping too, findings show. Hurriyet Daily News:

What is a copy of Homer’s Iliad doing in the window of a sex shop in Soho? Bettany Hughes and co. discover something unexpected in their Odyssey through London’s Soho. BBC Radio 4: 

Boris Johnson ‘Definitely’ Wants Naked Olympic Runners, Like In Ancient Greece. Huffington Post UK: 

And finally, we celebrated our birthday! 

Sol Day – What’s Latin

Have you ever told people you study Classics or Latin? This is Sol Day’s task for the day for you: get a piece of paper and complete the following two sentences in as many ways as possible:

1) You study Classics? Is that, like, something to do with _____ (e.g. Mozart, Jane Austen)?

[Answers such as Homer will not be accepted.]

2) You study Latin? Is that, like something to do with ______ ?

[There are fewer answers for this one. Likewise, answers such as Virgil will not be accepted.]

Comment answers at the bottom of the page.

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