Sol Day 22Sep2013 – Latin-to-English is not dumbing down

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Sunday Sol Day by Classics Collective

Harry Mount seems a witty, decent guy. I mean amo Amo Amas Amatand all that and he is a proud Classicist. But his comments comparing Latin-to-English translation to busking has caused a stir.

In the blog post with the title “The tragic dumbing down of Latin in our schools” ( Mount suggests that:

“When you’re translating Latin into English, you can busk it: translate the words roughly and then cobble them together into goodish English. With the other way round – English into Latin – there’s no busking. You’re either right or you’re wrong – there’s no grey area. That’s one of the joys of Latin; precisely because it’s a dead language, there’s no wriggle room, no negotiating over the correct answer, as there is with the shifting meanings of modern languages.”

You may agree with Mount, but I do not. I hope to provide another post for a detailed…

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