Revisiting Pompeii and Herculaneum

The oversubscribed blockbuster exhbition “Life and Death at Pompeii and Herculaneum is ending this Sunday. As a recap let us look back at the blog post back in March, in which we gave you five tips to prepare for the exhibtion. There are still some very good links here for you to get an idea for the exhibition, should you not had the chance to go or wanted to recall your visit.


5 steps to prepare you for Pompeii and Herculaneum

We at Classics Collective realise its the opening to Life and Death to Pompeii and Herculaneum on Thursday 28Mar, so we have five steps to get you ready, and one bonus step to get you to the exhibition.

1. Watch Paul Roberts and Charlotte Higgins tour the exhibition:
This is an excellent introduction to the exhibition and will be sure to whet your apetitite to the exhibition, if not to the two oppida themselves:

Or you can read an extensive preview on the exhibition in the <Daily Telegraph>. The article is accompanied by three videos featuring Alistair Sooke and Paul Roberts:

2: Sunday Times “The Ghosts of Pompeii”
Sure it was printed two weeks ago in anticipation of the exhibition, but it extensively charts the life and death in the city of Pompeii:

3. Mary Beard’s <Pompeii>
You may choose to do it before or after, but you should read the book. Beard’s methods in her work means in your tour of Pompeii through Berad’s book, you will know see not only what is dug up, but you will also relive the lives of the Pompeiians. You can also picture the development of Pompeii since work began there:

4. Cambridge Latin Course Book I
Err… we realise that we need to appeal to a broad audience. Caecilius will be there in the form of his herm, in front of his garden. (Remember “Cacilius est in horto”, yet I think he was actually in the office… See Unit 1). In any case, the information accompanying the units of Book I of the Cambridge Latin Course will either re-trigger your knowledge of life in Pompeii, or of making paper-aeroplanes…

5. The band BΔSTILLE and the song “Pompeii*
To broaden the appeal of Pompeii, we have drafted in the Indie band BΔSTILLE and the song Pompeii. The <NME> magazine may be scating, but since they reached out to the Classical community with such a title, we will give them a plug. The song, in my opinion, tries to reflect the sentiments of those in Pompeii at the dying moments of their town:

6. Book the tickets
We can see you are enthused. If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, you should. Tickets for the exhibition is more or less sold out for the first few weeks.

There is also a catalogue to the exhibition to those who couldn’t make it, or those who wished to be super-prepared. They will be available in a good bookshop and certainly at the museum:

*When this piece was written we had no idea that BΔSTILLE was performing their single “Pompeii” at the exhibition in the British Museum, which they did today (26/3/2013). This is a photo of the performance ( and this is when they received a catalogue of the exhibition as a token of  gratitude ( You can see the band’s performance at British Museum here:


Over the next few days up to the end of the exhibition we hope to provide you with a few more articles on the exhibition (work-commitment dependent). Watch this space!

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