The Eagle of the City

An excellent 1,800 years’ old sculpture of an eagle and a snake has been discovered at a site at Aldgate on the edge of the City of London. The remarkable find, discovered this month, will be on display at the Museum of London from today – remarable in itself as finds are rarely transferred from discovery to display so quickly.

Eagle and Serpent


The Roman-British find is unique and the only other eagle-snake sculture found in Britain is at Somerset. It is thought that the sculture would have tutelary significance and would adorn the exterior of the house of a man of high status.

This is the post from the offcial blog of Walbrook Discover Programme, part of the Museum of London Archaeology team whose work has discovered the statue. The article “Bird is the Word”:

There have been great coverage on this story so let us direct you to some of the articles:

The Independent offers a concise piece “Roman eagle rises again in London after 2,000 years”:

The Daily Telegraph offers a lot:

Construction Enquirer offer a short yet concise piece “Roman eagle unearthed on London hotel site”:

The Guardian, though lacking in pictures, offer a long piece “Roman eagle found by archaeologists in City of London”:

Daily Mail offers a piece with a map “1,900 years old but so pristine it could have been carved just yesterday: Breathtaking Roman sculpture of eagle devouring a serpent is plucked from the London earth”:

Heritage Daily offers a brief piece “Pristine Roman sculture discovered by archaeologists”:

Past Horizons has a press release “Extraordinary Roman sculpture found by archaeologists in London”:

The Mirror only offers photos “1,900-year-old Roman eagle sculpture discovered in London during archaeology dig”:

The Times offer a piece behind a paywall “By Jupiter! Roman eagle landed in a bank”:

Bloomberg, whose construction site also yielded many finds, offer a piece “Roman Statue of Snake-Eating Eagle Unearthed in London”:


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