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Warwickshire Roman coffin opened

Yes, that coffin has been opened. “Scientists have removed fragments of bone and a jet bead from inside a 1,700-year-old lead coffin.” Below are a few selecte articles: Birmingham Mail (recommended): BBC News: Coventry Telegraph: Tamworth Herald: Leicester Mercury: Advertisements

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A dead language

Ah… what’s the point of Latin? It’s a dead language! Strangely I was having this debate with a colleague in a car journey yesterday, and I put the point that whilst no-one speaks Classical Latin anymore, the vestiges of Classical … Continue reading

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Sunday Sol Day 03Nov2013

Thanks for following our blog! You may not be aware that we have moved our weekly round-up and weekly opinion pieces to a separate blog. You can find the newest versions here: Sunday 03Nov2013, a round-up of last week’s news. … Continue reading

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