A dead language

Ah… what’s the point of Latin? It’s a dead language!

Strangely I was having this debate with a colleague in a car journey yesterday, and I put the point that whilst no-one speaks Classical Latin anymore, the vestiges of Classical Latin is ubiquitous (note the choice of word there…), as is the Roman (and Greek) culture. Latin is as dead as Achilles or Odysseus, but how interesting their kleos, fame should make them immortal.

Of course, if only I have read Andy Keen’s blog, I could have saved making a long argument: A dead language.

I have also come across this point which is a little overzealous (Latin has many practical ends), but an interesting direction to take nonetheless:

Latin is the first subject we do in life entirely for its own sake. A degree at university in Classics leads to almost any job in the world. It gives one a disinterestedness in the study of any subject. Disinterestedness is NOT being uninterested. Quite the opposite: it is a love of studying without any practical result intended – and it gives the soul a peace, an inner control, a quiet joy beyond words


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