Dies Natalis Christi – Gaudeamus!

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Many thanks for following us through the year on/Muchas gracias por seguirnos por este año sobre:

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Merry Christmas

Below are some festive articles from the world of Classics, to get you even more in the mood./Abajo hay algunose artículos de navidad relacionados al mundo de Clásicos, con unos en español.

All best,

Classics Collective

happy christmas.JPG

Festive cuttings

Read: “The Story of the Nativity in Latin” Latin Language Blog: http://ow.ly/rRpAF 

Read: “Checking it Twice…” Who’s on Santa’s good and naughty list…? Pythia Post: http://ow.ly/rZ92F 

Answer: “Terry Deary’s Dangerous Days in the Roman Empire Quiz” The Daily Telegraphhttp://ow.ly/s1Bry 

Read: “Roman ‘Christmases’ were similar to ours” Phys: http://ow.ly/s1AXb 

Read: “Whips, cloaks and parchment: the festive presents of ancient Rome” with Matthew Nicholls. <Guardian> http://ow.ly/s1AOD 

Read: “The Roots of Christmas in Ancient Greece” Greek Reporter: http://ow.ly/s1CaX 

Read: “A Stoic Christmas Story” Stoicism Today: http://ow.ly/s2pEV

Read: “Get Yourself A Hot Date At The Roman Baths” Puns galore… NOW Bath: http://ow.ly/s2ycy

And in Spanish/y en español:

Lee: “Mucho mejor la Navidad cristiana” La historia de Papa Noel. EL PAÍS Uruguay: http://ow.ly/rYBxw 

Lee: “Las Saturnales romanas” LEGIO VII CLAUDIA: http://ow.ly/rZ8AO 

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