Collective Refresh

Classics Collective is having a slight make over!

It has been three years since Classics Collective has been bringing news about Classics to your Twitter feeds and we have gradually began to spread Classics news through Facebook, Google+, Flipboard and

I still remember the first days of the Twitter feed: trawling around for established accounts to follow, scouring the internet for websites rich with Classics news and still not knowing what the account should provide and who it should serve. I wonder whether we have quite achieved a perfect mix of articles and event notifications for the wider world of Classicists?

There really is not a dearth of content-sharing Facebook pages or social media accounts available. Classics Collective has the benefit of being “edited” but the disadvantage of requiring a committed editor. It has been a busy year personally and in an ideal world tweets would be more frequent and, by responding more immediately to any published articles immediately, more comprehensive.

Some things remain the same – we tweet most Sunday mornings and evenings and we have still tweeted from every Classical Association conferences. Other things change – job and conference adverts every morning are simply impossible with a day job involved.

Things will change too. We hope to have a new logo coming soon.

We hope you keep enjoying what we provide on the accounts.

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