The Classics Collective relates news and events and other selected things, as long as it is somewhat Classics related.

Feel free to scroll down  and read through our recent posts. Make a comment, start a debate, post something yourself! If there is anything you would like us to post do let us know.

We aim to post occasional thoughts by us through the blog. For regular news and update of the Classical World by the Classical community and the media, do follow:

Our Twitter account: @ClassColl
Our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ClassColl

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Classics Collective also posts a weekly round-up of Classical news so you can look back at the news of the past week and see if you have missed anything interesting. We also try to post an opinion piece per week. The weekly post of news has the title “Sunday” and the opinion piece “Sol Day”; they are published, mostly, every Sunday: http://sundaysolday.wordpress.com/


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